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Grading The Draft, Team By Team

November 1, 2017 (Federal League Wire Service)

                The pre-season draft meetings ended late one night as team representatives filed out of the meeting room at the Federal League Conference Annex. 36 players were drafted and all are hoping to make an impact when play opens this fall. 
                The Hallandale Twins led the way with eight picks. The Delray Beach Mudcats, who traded several draft picks for veteran players, only made you selection.
A complete list of the draft results can be found here.

Original Division
Hallandale Twins: Bradley Burdett, LHP/OF; Manuel Blanco, SS; Jhon Caramo C; Zachary Morris, SS/3B; Graham Atwood, OF; Jordan Goodman, LHP/1B
Summary: The Twins took a flyer on lefty Burdett out of Jacksonville, but could not sign him. Blanco and Caramo are strong picks that will have an impact.
Grade: B

Delray Beach Mudcats: Alex Rosa, SS; Osman Lopez, 2B; Mitchell Bradley, RHP/3B; Oswaldo Reima, 1B; Ben Oser, RHP/OF
Summary: The Whiskered Fish gambled that they could reel in Rosa, but failed. Bradley projects as a middle reliever.
Grade: C-

Sunrise Sunsets: Daniel Tiberi, RHP/OF; Steve Rogers, Jr., 1B; Brandon Henderson, OF; Phillip Snowden, 2B; James Williams, SS
Summary: The Twilighters were only able to sign one of their picks and then traded him away.
Grade: F

Broward Cubs: Joxelier Garcia, C; Luis Curiel, RHP/3B; Nicholas Harguth-Galyas, OF; Rick Hernandez, 1B/2B; Matt Sienkiewicz, C; Taylor Eggleston, C/3B/OF; Edgardo Castro, SS/2B
Summary: If they could have signed Garcia, their first pick, this would have been an A+. If Curiel signs, it is an A. Harguth-Galyas and Eggleston will be starters. Hernandez and Sienkiewicz should contribute. A late trade brought LHP prospect Spencer Rubin in from the Tritons.
Grade: B+

Expansion Division
Davie Goliaths: Jerry Ostes, LHP; Yoel de la Cruz, RHP/OF; Brady Pitkin, C; Alexis Garcia, C; Fraile de Pena, SS; Alejandro Venegas; RHP/1B; Anthony DeAngelo, 2B/OF
Summary: This may have been a strong class, but the Philistines were only able to sign and keep one player, trading Ostes and de Pena. Even if de la Cruz delivers on his potential, this is a sub par draft
Grade: C-

Margate Sentries:
Andrew Phillips, LHP; Dan Heaton, LHP/OF; Lavaughn Ferguson, INF/OF; Silvio Zarate, 3B; Xavier Moran, OF; Dixon Torres, SS 
Summary: Phillips and Heaton will help the Gatekeepers immediately. Zarate could crack the lineup, and Moran provides depth.
Grade: B

Tri-Cities Tritons:
Spencer Rubin, LHP; Jacob Becks, RHP/C/3B; Kyle Timmons, 1B; Kenneth Pettis, 2B; Jared Butler, 2B
Summary: They traded away two of the three players that signed and held on to a player that will need time to develop.
Grade: D

Hollywood Stars: Yan Carlos, SS/2B; Hector Nieves; SS/2B; Frank Cruz, 2B/SS; Guillermo Ordaz, OF; Julio Hernandez, OF/C; David Czarlinsky, 1B
Summary: The Stars, after getting burned the past few campaigns, went heavy on signable players and reeled in four players that will be in uniform on opening day.
Grade: B-


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