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Tri-Cities Tritons 3 seasons reign...by Patrick Keane...April 19, 2018

To the fans and players of south Florida’s Federal League,

The Fall/Winter 2017-2018 season resulted in the end of the Tri-Cities Tritons reign as League Champions. Congratulations to the Sunrise Sunsets that defeated them in March.

How appropriate that a team that for many years called the Tri-Cities (which by decorum unofficially represents West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Miami) Tritons became a champion of the Federal League for exactly 3 seasons in a row.

The Tritons under long time manager Mike Whittaker were once a perennial doormat until they began to compete with the best of the Original division teams only about 3 years ago.

Poor “Whit” Mike Whittaker one season several years ago pitched every inning for the Tritons during those rough years. His right arm was not doing very well following that campaign. They even completed one season in the dark years without a single victory.

In those dark/rough Triton years the league remained unbalanced in favor of heavy loaded teams. Many of the better players who were obtained in the draft often sought trade to the Federal top leaving the Tritons and some of the other teams to struggle in the standings. However a policy was later adopted which allowed lower quality teams permissions to bring in known players to help shore up the bottom tiered teams.

This policy helped the Tritons to begin its accent to the #1 row in the Expansion slate seen on the Federal League web pages.

Not only did “Whit” utilize the opportunity to strengthen his club but a strong consideration and an honorable mention should go out to another person who was on his team back then that helped the Tritons along in that regard.

The Tritons need to pay tribute to Jay Auriemma who was that person/player that assisted Mike in the acquisition of Star talent. He really did a lot over the course of time to help obtain the Tri-Cities triad championship. Thanks Jay, you played a valuable role to the League.

Understandably managers face difficulties trying to satisfy its elite players and balance that with the NOT-SO elite  players for time in the field and at bat (A possible solution would be for expansion and/or smaller rosters). At the same time every manager wants to win and put forth a competitive team.

The Tritons 3 year reign as Federal League champs when looking over the span of many years help to indicate that the Federal League has improved.

The emergence of the Twins as a much better and competitive team gives evidence to the fact that the League has made great strides in the proper direction.

From the brief view of many of the new young promising baseball players seen at this year’s Federal League’s spring practices and tryouts there should be no reason that any team should have to go through a period like the Tritons did in the past.

It appears that good baseball players will be competing from all teams and a better balanced and competitive League from top to bottom is coming forward.

Great Tri-season run for the Tritons.

The Big Kahuna replies on April 20, 2018:
Thanks, Pat for the kind words about the Tritons. We are looking forward to your next Forum post in 2022. Officially, the Tri-Cities represent Tamarac, Coconut Creek, and North Lauderdale. This was an actual designation made by Broward County in the 1980's.     


Unbalanced...---- by Patrick Keane.---January 2, 2014

After over 10 years of participation in The Expansion Division, the competition level of this part of the Federal League remains unbalanced.  
Premiere baseball talent exists on the Beacons and they always get good new talent from year to year.
In the past decade we have seen the Goliaths collude to obtain the talent to be a competitor to the Beacons, and in recent years the Sentries appear to have done the same thing.  
The Sunsets utilized some Goliath transplants to also compete with the Beacons a few years back as the Goliaths dropped in quality proven by a 2-34 record before taking some years to rebound.  
When top talent is drafted by not so talented teams, it only takes a season or two for such top talent to recognize this and obtain transfer to Top tier teams.  
This problem keeps the imbalance in put as a generality and it often takes the very untalented teams up to 3-5 years (which is 6-10 seasons) before the competition from the bottom can rise to at least give even mid level teams a good game.  
A possible solution would be to attempt a way for the baseball talent in the Expansion division to be distributed more equally.  
Why not produce a division rule that allows each team to protect only 7 players each year (every two seasons)?  
All other players would be eligible to be drafted in an annual draft every two seasons and would not have to re-tryout.    
A better balanced league would result and the blowout games on bottom tiered teams could possibly be eliminated.

Patrick Keane
Lieutenant Commander, United States Navy - Retired

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The Big Kahuna replies on January 6, 2014:
Patrick: Thank you for your suggestion and for your service. Your idea has been addressed numerous times, in various forms, over the years. Unfortunately, it has not proven to be a practical solution to a legitimate concern.
Without belaboring the point, the long term view of the league has not been to punish the "good teams" for the benefit of the weaker teams. This type of arbitrary redistribution does not work any better in competitive athletics than it does in government.
We feel that rather than weaken the good teams, our goals should be centered on improving the weaker teams, so that the entire league improves.

       A Message From Joe Morgan...---- by P.L.---August 20, 2013
       The Sunsets cry too much.

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       Congratulations Beacons---- by Matt Rosner---October 8, 2006
       You played a great series, congratulations on your championship win. It is always fun to play against the Beacons, and any team has to be at their best when they do. The Beacons took advantage of the many Sentries miscues, and that makes up a championship team. Jamie, Keith, Pete, Jose, Jeff, and all, congratulations and well played. Good luck to everyone and all teams next season.

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      Thanks to my teammates---- by Skip Bernhardt---September 25, 2006
       I just wanna send out a heartfelt thanks to my teammates on the Hallandale Twins..u guys have made this last year the best time I've ever had playing baseball in my 18+ years playing i enjoyed every second of it...I will unfortunately have to be out for about 8-12 months because of my shoulder and to risk not having to do surgery i have to do therapy for about 4 months and not throw for about  2months after that so i hope to be back for the summer season thanks to you guys and Jamie.

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       Great Job Tritons---- by Dave Bourns---September 10, 2006
       Guys I am still in Italy but checked the web and saw that you won! Great Job. Now go out and get at least one against the Beacons and I will be back for the final game! See ya and good luck!

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      Best Wishes And Prayers For The Lancaster Family---- by Eric Rosenberg (Beardy)---August 2, 2006
       I know no one has really been contributing to the forum recently but since I moved away a few weeks ago, this is the easiest way for me to send a message.  I want to send my best wishes and prayers to the
Lancaster family.  Duane is a class act, a truly honorable figure in the Federal League.  He has always been one of my favorite guys in the league.  I have been playing against him and his sons since 2000 and I have enjoyed the competition from a talented baseball family.  Duane loves the game and loves being on the field.  It just shows his character and love for the game that he wants to spend his recovery on the field, with his team.  I have so much respect for him.  I wish him a speedy recovery.  I know first hand how difficult the situation is for him and his family as my father (before he passed away) had several strokes, all of which he recovered from.  So with that in mind I say to Duane and the family; stay positive and don’t give up!  I will continue to pray for a speedy recovery and that when I come down to visit, Duane will be in the dugout for the A’s.
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Duane Lancaster replies on August 8, 2006:
Eric, this is in response to your kind words, but is also meant for all my great Federal League friends. I, being computer challenged, have never used this forum before, an indication of how moved and humbled I was by the note. But I've been moved - and humbled  (and I mean HUMBLED) -  by you guys before. The note simply prompted me to say what I've been feeling ever since I went to the first Expansion Division tryouts five years ago. I cannot hit a lick, have the mobility of a tree and am, at best, an adventurous fielder. In other words, I stink. But I don' t think anyone has as much pure joy sharing gametime with you fellows as I do. Were it not for you, Jamie and Nicole, that couldn't have happened and my gratitude to you two is everlasting and bottomless. When I think of all the pleasure I've gotten from this league, an .061 batting average is somehow tolerable. The chance to play ball with my sons is a bonus that has no limits but also the opportunity to rub competitive elbows with Doc, Keith, Pete, Bill, Eric, (both Rosenberg and Raskin) Faren, Sean, Niles, Andy, Rick, Rocky and, yes, Casey Cox, is something I do and always will, cherish. This league is much more than baseball fun. It's a place where friendships start, grow stronger and often become eternal. Just a friendly word to you guys, Quit griping about petty things and be grateful to be playing what I think is the perfect game. Again, thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

      Great Job Sentries!---- by Matt Rosner---January 26, 2006
       Even though it was not perfectly executed, the Margate Sentries still played tough enough and did not ever give
up in our pursuit to win the league title. 
Taking nothing away from the "unusual" playoff format of seasons past, the Margate Sentries
were still the last team standing in the 6-team double-elimination tournament. 
I want to send sincere congratulations to all of my teammates, to manager Steve Caplan, and especially to Art Randolph
and Felix Gomez for seeing the lowest of low in Sentries' seasons past, to now being the well deserved
league champions.   Way to go guys!!!    Matt #2

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Teo Zorrilla replies on January 26, 2006:
Good Job Sentries!
Receive my more sincere congratulations on a well deserved championship to all the players and the Manager.
Now, can you do it again?

       Goodbye---- by Sean Lanier---January 15, 2006
       I would like to start by saying thankyou to Jamie & Nicole for giveing me the chance to manage the Tritons. Also thanks to all the Tritons players for all the memories ! and to all other team's and players that I have gotten the chance to know on and off the field a heart felt Goodbye !!!! For those who don't know My Family and I are making a move to Tennessee in about 3 months so I will not be returning to the league. But  I will be Watching (Tritons) So Good Luck in the Future to all !!!   Sean Lanier #18 Tri Cities Tritons

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      Starsssss---- by Chris Densmore---January 11, 2006
      Stay hot, Stars!

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      Hurricane Wilma---- by Fran Eckert----November 15, 2005
      Hello this is fran eckert of the margate sentries of the expansion division. The reason i'm writing is to wish everyone in the league a safe recovery i know baseball is not important right now but i feel the league should continue in late november because baseball is a great way to forget about your problems. well hope all is well and cant wait to get back to playing baseball. Fran Eckert#
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      Missing In Action---- by Damian Weston----March 1, 2005
      Congratulations Stars! I knew you guys could do it. I've been on all kinds of teams and I ever saw a team with so much heart. I'm only sorry I wasn't there to be part of it. Keep the dynasty alive. GOOOOOOOOOOOO STAAAAAAAARRRRRRSSS!!!!!!!!!!

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    To Raskin And The 'Neers---- by Eric Rosenberg----February 21, 2005
      I just wanted to say congrats on a well deserved championship.  Seriously, my hat is off to all of you guys.  You were hungry and came out fighting right off the bat.  The whole team is a classy bunch of guys.  Congrats, and I can’t wait to see you on the field next season!

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     A Fine Season---- by Eric Raskin----February 21, 2005
I want to applaud the Celestial division for an exciting season.  The
division took strives to making the division competitive.
Ed did a great job in resurrecting the Twins, and hats off to Bill and the
Indians for an incredible season.  Duane and the A's were competitive all
season, and it came down to the wire for the playoffs.
I personally want to thank the Bocaneers for one hell of a ride.  We one
three in a row, lost six in a row, and then won the last four to win the
championship.  I am extremely proud of my guys, you didn't give up in the
midst of a six-game losing streak.  Many congrats to Jimmy for winning the
playoff MVP award.
I look forward to a new and exciting Spring 05' season.

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    Wishing Artie "Lips" A Speedy Recovery ------by Drew Raphael----January 28, 2005
      Hey LIPS!!! Next time catch the ball with your glove...HaHa!!! Just kidding..Lets go Sentries!!!!! Drewbacca

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    Miss The Big Kahuna's Weekly Column ------by David Bourns---December 29, 2004
     I don't know about everyone else but I kind of miss the BigKahuna's column, it was a good way of getting a little analysis on how the season is unfolding and what is going on with the other teams around the league.
To the Tritons I have to say we have a very good team even though our record might not reflect it right now. If we can make it into the playoffs this season we could be a very dangerous team!
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The Big Kahuna replies on December 29, 2004:
    Thanks for the kind words. You may be happy to know that the Big Kahuna's column will be returning in a new format in 2005. You are also correct, in my opinion, regarding your analysis on your team and their playoff hopes.

    Wishing A Speedy Recovery ------by Matt Rosner----December 2, 2004
     To Art Randolph, we all hope for a speedy recovery from your injury. Stay tough through this and come back stronger than ever. We'll miss you out there.
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     Good Luck ------by Don Degli----October 17, 2004
     good luck against the A'S   you guys  made a great turn around near mid
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    Bocaneers-Indians Game ------by Eric Raskin----October 11, 2004
     I wanted to congratulate all those that played in the 10 inning Bocaneers-Indians
marathon game on Sunday.  Dingus and McCarthy pitched their hearts out.
In my five plus years in the league, it was one of the best played games I have
been involved in.
I will have the Bocaneers ready to win Sunday's game, and we look forward to a rematch on Sunday. Great game!  
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    It Must Be Cappy ------by Pat Vadala----October 6, 2004
     Wow great start. It is good to see the Sentries off to a great start. I guess Cappy must be making a difference. See Cappy now you have a whole team to give your hitting tips to. Note: A Cappy tip helped turn my slump around for the playoffs last season. Thanks Cap, and good luck the rest of the way (Not against the Beacons LOL).
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Steve Caplan replies on October 6, 2004:
Thanks, Pat, for the kind words and "You're Welcome" on the hitting tips!  Ditto on the luck......... 

    Opening Day ------by "Hurricane" Francis Eckert----September 22, 2004
     well its that time again in just three days teams from the federal league will be starting the fall/winter season. Well i just wanted to say good luck and may all players have a great season and safe season, thank you and god bless every player in the league. thank you.
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    Champs ------by "Hurricane" Francis Eckert----September 12, 2004
     way to go beacons on your championship victory, even with all the layoff sounded like a good game. Good luck the next season maybe u can make it back-back or maybe you'll be dethroned. good job beacons.
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    Sentries' Manager ------by Art Randolph----September 12, 2004
     I would first like to thank the league for allowing me to manage the sentries for the past two seasons. Also the fraternity of managers that let me glean from them. (it was a learning experience) and especially my teammates played with and against. Continued success, good luck, and I look forward to next year, thank you.

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Matt Rosner replies on September 14, 2004:
Hey Artie,
You gave it your best shot, now you can focus on what is most important....being a player!
Great to have you around, let's go Sentries!!

    Pepio ------by Barry R. Gibell----August 30, 2004
     I consider myself lucky to have played with Rich in a roy hobbs tournament. I can only wish him well in a battle that he will ultimately win. GOOD LUCK & BE WELL
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    About Doc ------by Fran Eckert----August 22, 2004
     I'd like to say to Doc it was a pleasure playing for him and i'd like to thank him for everything he has done for me, Doc is a wonderful person and a pretty good manager. While playing for Doc i've learned to control my self @ times getting out of hand a little bit. I first met Doc @ Ft. Lauderdale stadium were i became apart of the tritons in a trade w/the beacons. It is a sad end to the tritons, i feel doc should of stayed on as an assistant coach. Doc is my friend and he will always be my friend So in closing THANK YOU Doc for everything, God bless u and your family. Thank You
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    Re: Dumb And Dumber ------by Samantha Samuel---August 5, 2004
     You people have all your "SO CALLED INFORMATION" all twisted and YES THIS IS MY DAMN NAME!!  A female can't even voice her opinions without some "SO CALLED MAN" trying to put her down.  Where are your "COJONES" and take it like a man.  Women can talk  if they want.  And I'm not speaking for my "BOYFRIEND" fools I'm speaking for myself. I have observed this at the fields.  I have a brain dumb~~~!!  I may be crippled but I can voice my opinions if I want.  "Can you hear me now"!!!!
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The Big Kahuna replies on August 5, 2004:
    It's interesting that you criticize the replies to your earlier post as having their "so called information" twisted. Given an opportunity to clarify your position, you have, once again, chosen to express your anger and bitterness without communicating any specifics. In view of that, you should be a little more tolerant of those who may not understand what it is you are trying to say. You ask your detractors to "take it like a man", but you have yet to illustrate what it is they are suppose to be taking.
   As I noted earlier, if you have any credible evidence of any ethnic, or other form of, bias in our league, please make us aware so that we can eradicate it. If you continue to speak in only vague generalities, you are doing nothing to improve what you perceive to a problem.
   While I would never discourage anyone from expressing their opinion, in the future I would prefer that this space be reserved for informed opinions and not just rantings. If you do have an accusation to make, I urge you to be specific in your charges and allow the league to react in a responsible manner.
Darren Saliva replies on August 15, 2004:
This chick has issues. Now her problem is that she is a female and no one wants to listen to her absurd allegations because of that. Step into the new millenium honey, no one cares that you're a skirt. If you go to games you would know that the expansion league is run by a woman and she gets a lot of respect from all of the MALE athletes. I am sorry about one thing though. You see, I am in the military and I did take a sensitivity course and it hasn't quite kicked in yet, so if I offended in anyway, by using the words chick, honey, or skirt I do apologize.

    Big Can Of Worms ------by Richard Wasserman----July 20, 2004
     Oh yes, Samantha Samuels.  If in fact that is your real name; look at the hornets’ nest you’ve stirred up?  There must have been 3 or 4 replies to your post.  You have succeeded in getting the most replies to your post in the modern Federal League era.  By the way Kahuna, Martha Burke called.  She wants to know why you don’t have any women in the league.
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    Dumb And Dumber------by Darren Saliva----July 8, 2004
     I grew up, for most of my teenage years, having to deal with racism. I know what it is to be discriminated against, and I also know what it is to be benched because of favoritism. Fortunately, I have never had to deal with any of this in the Federal League. Yes, sometimes someone might not get the desired playing time, but as Dave Gardner said, "You have to put your best players on the field." As for the word RACISM, YOU SHOULD LEARN THE DEFINITION. If a player is not being player because of his race, creed, or color, then that Samantha is racism! What you are describing is more like favoritism! GET IT RIGHT!! Why doesn't the person you are sticking up for speak out himself? We are all men in this league.......with a few exceptions......if he has a problem with his playing time, he should take it up with his coach and not have his girlfriend fight his fight for him. Gardner is right when he says that the leagues talent level has risen. Being away from the league for a year, I have seen the level of play rise tremendously and that will lower that playing time of for the talent challenged players. But there is some good news Samantha....... I saved a lot of money on my car insurance by calling GEICO!
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    Racisim in your league ------by Samantha Samuel---July 6, 2004
     I've been going to the games and I see lots of racism.  Managers its not fair to the rest of the players if you keep putting your "so - called" favorite players to play and leave the rest out to dry.  You know who are and they are alot ot you.  GIVE THE ALL OF THEM THEIR CHANCE TO SHINE!!!!    STOP PLAYING FAVORITES!!!!    The all paid their dues so its only fair.  I know this probably won't hit the forum because it would only hit home and no one likes to hear the truth.  Plus it will only open up a BIG CAN OF WORMS!!!!  They all their to play. Like I said they all paid their fees.  WHy isn't their more like me who speak their minds.  COME ON GUYS SPEAK UP and lets change their ignorant ways of thinking.
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The Big Kahuna replies on July 6, 2004:
    Not only did your comments make the forum, they also made no sense. I, on behalf of the league, cannot defend against the charge that you make, mostly because you make a vague assertion of a non specific allegation.
   It's very easy to criticize something and even easier to call a perceived slight as racism, but what proof do you offer other than the notion that some players are apparently not receiving an equal amount of playing time? Without specifics, this is an irresponsible comment.
   Federal League has a long history and nowhere in that history is there a supportable claim of racial bias. If, on the other hand, you have credible evidence that a player is being excluded based on ethnicity, or any other reason other than his talent, the league office would like a fair opportunity to deal with it properly.
Dave Gardner replies on July 6, 2004: "What????"
    As a coach if a team wants to win it is his responsibility to put the best players out on the field. That doesn't mean that you put your best individual players but the players that give the best results for the given team or situation. This is called team situational awareness and a coach/mgr has to be aware of the shortcomings not only of his own players but the opposing team. Scouting is very essential to successful management of a team. Many times I have seen the mgr of the Dave Goliaths snooping about..... that is how you win. Just putting the same players out time and time again and hoping that something happens is not management, getting that exact mix for the given team match-up is. As for racism....... you are in another planet........ I have never seen any of that anywhere in the Federal League. Dave Gardner-Sentries
Jeff Fazio replies on July 7, 2004:
Someone told me about this claim and I wanted to read it for myself to see if there was a racial problem in our league. When I heard about this it came to me as a surprise. I've been playing in the Fed league the past four years and have never seen anything that I would consider a racist act. I have good friends with different racial backgrounds who are prominent members of their respective teams who have never once commented on feeling that they have been treated differently because of their race. Not only has he never mentioned anything, take a look around our league. We have many different people from many different races, age groups and religions and not only has everybody gotten along, this league has continued to foster a great environment to play in. After reading this email I came to the conclusion that the writer must be a bitter friend of a player who's not getting enough playing time (who cares?). Unfortunately you used words like racism for shock value....or ignorance...to get some attention. How dare you try and cheapen our league and make players like myself feel like I condone racism by continuing to pay to play in this league. If there was any trace of racism in this league I along with others would not be here. I ask you to not try and cheapen our league by saying there is racism when you are trying to say favoritism, I urge you to learn the difference. It only hurts this league by giving prospective players the wrong idea. This league has continued raise it's level of talent while providing an atmosphere where families are welcome and as players we are thankful.
Don Degli replies on July 12, 2004: "samantha"
    LEAGUE FEES 200.00,     NEW BASEBAL BAT   180.00.,    DINGBAT   FORUM POSTS....... PRICELESS....

    Inaugural Game-Celestial Division ------by Eric Raskin----June 7, 2004
As the long awaited opening day for the Celestial Division came and went with rain, all players and fans were happy to get the season underway.
    With new managers, many new players, and even a new commish, the day went extremely well. I want to thank all the coaches, players and fans for their support and dedication for making the day a success, despite the rain.
    With a lot of new talent, we all look forward to a competitive new division.
    Good luck to all in the new division.
    Eric Raskin, manager, Bocaneers
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    Opening Day ------by Fran Eckert----April 20, 2004
Can't wait for Sunday and for the Tritons to make a run for the championship. Also good luck to all the participants in the season to come. Fran (tritons)  
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     Stadium ------by Pat Vadala----April 14, 2004
Congratulations on getting US back in the Ft. Lauderdale Stadium complex.
That is what makes the Federal League the best. Playing on a Major League
quality field is unusual for most, but as a Federal League player we get to
do it every week. I hope it continues for years to come. Congrats again!!!!
P.S. Will the 25th get here already!!!!!
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   Thank You ------by Matt Rosner, Sentries #?----March 18, 2004
     I would like to take this opportunity to thank the league office for their assistance with organizing my recent trade.

To my former teammates, I want to also thank each of you for being such great teammates and allowing me to share thoughts and ideas with you. I wish you all the best of luck this upcoming season.  It was an honor to play with most of you guys for as long as I did.
To my new team, I am so excited to start the season with all of you!  I want to thank Art Randolph for making a deal for me, I know that we will be great together.  I am looking forward to playing with all my new teammates and offering experience to the team.  We are going to have a great year!
Good luck to everyone in the league.
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Don Degli replies on March 18, 2004:

    Champs ------by Fran Eckert----February 12, 2004
Congratulations to the davie goliaths on there championship victory. Fran (tritons)  
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    Congrats to Goliaths------by Matt Rosner #2----February 12, 2004
     Congratulations to a well coached Goliaths team.
You all played great baseball, and deserve the trophy.
A special congrats to Luis Davilla for his pitching performances all season.
Look forward to seeing all of you next season!
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     Hollywood Stars Year End Review ------by G. Gilles----February 1, 2004
Right fielder Michael Gagnon of the  STARS was not surprised about the success the Hollywood Stars had this season and he is looking forward to another pennant run next season!
    Mike said, "Our team stayed confident all season long and we also stayed very consistent on the base paths, on defense, and on offense game in game out!"
   "To our team the pennant was a very high goal on our list and the Championship would of been the icing on the cake, but life is not perfect!"
Good Luck to the Sunsets & Goliaths for the Championship!
May the BEST WIN !!!
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  Good Luck To All------by Darren Saliva----January 17, 2004
  First and foremost, I want to congratulate the Stars for winning their first division title ever. Job well done guys, I wish I could be there to enjoy the accomplishment with you all. Good luck to every one in the playoffs. I hope the Stars don't beat you all too bad. I will see you all soon .My unit is on its way out of Iraq in a few days and then back to the states in a few weeks. I definitely will be home for the start of the next season. See you all then.
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Big Kahuna replies on January 17, 2004:
Speaking (or, more accurately, writing) on behalf of the entire league, we look forward to your safe return. Great job!

   Good Luck ------by Darren Saliva----September 28, 2003
I just want to say good luck to all the teams, especially the Stars, in the
Fall/Winter season. Unfortunately, we were extended for another year with
plans on leaving here in February, so I will not be playing with the Stars
this season like I hoped would happen, but good luck to all and play ball.
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    To The Margate Sentries ------by Jeff Fazio----September 12, 2003
I wanted to take this time to thank Nuvel Shiver and the Margate Sentries for the last two seasons. Since being with Sentries Nuvel played me every inning of every game and I have come to understand how rare that can be so for that I am thankful. I would also like to add how difficult this decision has been because of the friendships I made with my teammates. This decision was made not because of how many games we won or lost it was more of me losing my desire to play, which scared me. So I figured a new start with another team would be the kind of change that could turn my desire around. Nuvel was very helpful in my departure and made this situation very tolerable. Thank you and good luck to the Sentries.
I definitely love playing baseball and enjoy competing everytime I take the field. At this point I am very excited to play with the Beacons. It's fitting that I go to a team that I took such pleasure in beating, I felt like we had such a good rivalry these last two seasons which made the games fun and intense. I would like to thank Keith Nicoll for extending me an invitation to play with the Beacons an look forward to the opportunity to help them win and meeting my new teammates. Finally, I would like to thank Jamie, Nicole and the other Federal League officers who tirelessly work so we can enjoy playing in such a great league. Thank you.
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   Congrats ------by Matt Rosner----September 11, 2003
Congrats to the Lighthouse Point Beacons on a well played, well deserved
You guys showed exceptional teamwork and desire to continue on despite a
rough season.
Kudos to Keith and the rest of the guys!

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    Black Diamonds ------by Micheline Ruf----September 3, 2003
I miss seeing that #6 on the Black Diamonds.... Karl Ruf... what a guy.
He's back from playing minor league and is ready to play ball....
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    Untitled ------by Fran Eckert----September 2, 2003
Let's go go Tritons, and good luck to the beacons, also good luck to both the mets and marlins. Wanna say to the tritons lets play hard and leave it all on the field, we can do it. So to all the tritons lets win this for all the times we've struggled, lets go for the championship. Thanx #27 Fran.
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    Untitled ------by Stacy----August 29, 2003
We hope to see a lot from #29 right fielder Michael Gagnon of the Hollywood Stars this Fall/Winter season, that's too bad he wasn't available for the playoffs it would have been very interesting to see him in action. Stacy #1 fan.
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    Good job boys! ------by Sean Lanier----August 28, 2003
good job tritons  way to go !!!  From Sean Lanier #18
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    Sorry to matt Rosner ------by Sandy Glatzer----August 28, 2003
Yo matt Rosner, I was only messing around with you in game one ! You know I think you are a great player and hate to pitch against you. I thought I could joke like that with you sorry for the words during the game. PS I did not know you were so sensitive JUST KIDDING LOL sandy. 
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    Let's Win ------by Francis Eckert----August 23, 2003
Tritons we need to forget about last thursday's game and just play the way we know how, lets win this one for all the years it took the Tritons franchise to get to this point its win we're in lose we go home, and i know that the Tritons did not work this hard to lose. So lets bring our games to the next level, leave everything out on that field Tuesday night and lets began the game good and lets finish the game. Thanx Tritons from your catcher, and leadoff hitter. I will promise to get the big hits when needed. So lets win this one for doc an ourselves. (Fran #27)
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    Time To Shine ------by Dennis Olmezer----August 23, 2003
It's put up or shut up time
GOOD LUCK ( but not too much ) to the Beacons

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    Win Or Go Home ------by Darren Saliva----August 10, 2003
It's playoff time baby! It has been a great season from what I have gathered
from Iraq. Good luck to all the teams, but lets go Stars. It's time to put
it all together like we always do around this time.
Darren #22

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    Where Is Pombo? ------by Wiso #22 Tritons----July 31, 2003
Hey C-Los Pombo, if you get to read this, WHERE YOU AT!!?!?!?. Post season is near and we can really use you. Dont make us have to come look for you.
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    Competition ------by Dennis Olmezer----July 25, 2003
Gotta love the tight race in the Expansion Division.
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Dave Gardner replies on July 31, 2003: Unless you are a Sentry :)

    Happy 4th of July ------by Francis Eckert----July 4, 2003
Just wanted to wish all players and their families in the federal league a happy and a safe 4th of July today and cant wait to get back to playing in the league.  Fran (tritons)
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    For The Love Of The Game ------by Darren Saliva----June 1, 2003
Hello everyone in the Fed League. Everything is fine out here in Iraq. Just writing to say hi, and say that I really miss playing ball with all of you. Thinking about stepping out on to the field and playng again is one of a few things that keep me sane in this wonderful country I'm in. I am very surprised to see how well the Tritons are playing, Even more so, how the Beacons are playing. I guess that just proves that I really am in the twilight zone. DOO-DOO-DOO-DOO-DOO-DOO-DOO-DOO! I'm just joking. It was just a matter of time for the Tritons to start playing at a level that matches the level of talent they have on thier team. Hopefully i'll be home in time to help the Stars take possession of first place. Well, thats it from me. Hope to see you all soon, on the playing field that is, and good luck to all the teams.
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Dennis Olmezer replies on June 2, 2003: Glad to here from you and look forward to your return. Be well. Dennis #20 Sunsets.

    Federal League Celebrates 10th Anniversary ------by The Big Kahuna----May 10, 2003
     Today, May 10, 2003, is the 10th anniversary of the founding of Federal League. Thank you to every player, coach, manager, umpire, fan, groundskeeper, field administrator, and league official who, through their hard work and dedication, have made this possible. Here's to the next 10 years!
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Matt Rosner replies on May 14, 2003: It is great to see that the Federal League already 10 years old!
I probably speak for alot of people when I say, 'Thank You' for having such
a league that allows us to continue playing a sport which we love.
Everyone in the league obviously loves baseball, and getting the chance to
the game for 30+ weeks out of the year is somthing other people envy.
Thank you Jamie and Nicole for "sticking" with this project.  We all look
continuing success. Way to go!

    hello ------by Darren Saliva----April 27, 2003
hello to all and good luck in the up coming season. hopefully ill be home in time to play in the second half of the season. from iraq your friend darren saliva!
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eter Prendes replies on April 29, 2003: We are all very proud of you and all the troops serving.  Please keep yourself safe, and I look forward to seeing you on the field real soon.
Dave Gardner replies on May 13, 2003: Hopefully, I'll be the happy one to fly you home.

    Great Season, Pat ------by Pat Vadala----February 14, 2003
Pat, congratulations on the MVP award. You had a great season, so did the
Beacons. You were one of the final ingredients that put us over the top, and
allowed us to win our first Championship. Great going!!!!
                                                     Pat Vadala
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Pat Vadala replies on February 14, 2003: Also, congratulation to Keith for Manager of the Year, and Sandy (just give
me the ball anytime, anyplace) Glatzer for Pitcher of the Year all awards
were well earned.
Matt Rosner replies on February 19, 2003: Hey Pat,
A real big congrats to you for winning the MVP award, especially in your
first season. Well done!
Now, only if you were like this back in high school we'd have something to
talk about. LOL
(Right Beardy?)

    MVP Voting ------by Pat Pisani----February 14, 2003
I'll try to make this short and sweet. I like to thank everyone from the
Federal League who voted for me as the League's MVP. I want to congratulate
both of my teammates Sandy Glatzer and Pat Vadala on their great seasons,
during the 2002 Fall/Winter League, as well as the other candidates that
were up for the award. But the award is secondary, to the Championship that
we won as a "Team" in January. All of the Lighthouse Point Beacons are the
MVP'S- My brother Frank, Keith, Jamie, Eric, Jose, Manny, Pat, Sandy, Rich,
Bob, Bryce, Faran, Mike, Harry and Peter. Thanks. 

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    CHAMPS!!! ------by Bill Calla----January 20, 2003
congrats go out to Keith, Jamie and the rest of the Beacons.You deserve it.
    Bill C #3 

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    congrats to manager keith and his team the beacons ------by Fran Eckert----January 20, 2003
the beacons are like the 1934? muder's row yankees that had a great hitting lineup. i mean c'mon look at the beacons 1-10 can hit the ball and also they have ablitiy to score runs in bunches, and in baseball when a team can score runs in bunches like the beacons there tuff to beat. also the team has pitching w/bob, rich and sandy, also keith, also mike caserta, they also have speed , and there outfield is very good i'd they have 2 quality outfielders maybe 3. well congrats on your championship, see u real soon. i'm not daying nothing bad about your team, i'm just saying u guys can play w/anybody the way u beacons hit. 
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Darren Saliva replies on January 20, 2003: Congrats to the Beacons! It is a Championship well deserved. I only have one question. What the hell took so long? Now all you old timers can retire. Kidding!
Drew replies on January 20, 2003:
Congrats beacons....well deserved win.....Class act team....We'll get ya next season....

    2002-2003 expansion division championship ------by Sandy Cabrera----January 19, 2003
congratulations beacons on a very well deserved championship.  enjoy it guys, you're the best.  hope eric is allright from the blow to the head.    
see you guys on the ballfield soon. 

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    Good Luck! ------by Darren Saliva----January 14, 2003
Good Luck to the Sunsets and the Beacons. From what I read from the first game, I think this is going to be a great series. From Ft. Dix, New Jersey (for now) I'll see all of you later.
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    keep it up ------by Bill Calla----January 13, 2003
1 down 2 to go.
    Hey Pat,
        thank you for doing the great job behind the plate that I
couldn't do last year. Go GET 'EM.
                        BILLY C #3

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    good luck ------by Francis Eckert (Tritons)----January 9, 2003
good luck to both the beacons and the sunsets, that series i think will be a battle and will come down the final game. both teams have hitting and pitching, but the keys for both teams will be there defences so good luck to the sunsets and beacons. thanx to all the players i played with and against.
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Drew replies on January 9, 2003: You Tritons played a great game...better luck next season!!! Doc has my vote for m.v.p....

    Overwhelming Pride.... ------by Sean Saliva----December 31, 2002
Little Bro,

Word can not express the level of pride that I feel when I tell people your my brother. In many ways i wish i could be just like you. Our entire life we have been joined at the hip....like peas in a pod..... I don't think.....as a matter of fact I know, that i have never been closer to anyone else in my life. We watched our first baseball game TOGETHER, played our first Baseball Game TOGETHER, and learned the game TOGETHER. When I joined the Federal League it was because you re-ignited my passion and love for baseball. Every time i step on the playing field I try to be like you, My Favorite baseball player, you are one in a million and if I could step out of my shoes and into any body else's shoes I would not want it to be anyone else but you.
You always believed in my baseball talents and never doubted my skills, even when everyone else did. Now you are going to be away for a while, fighting for our freedom, fighting for me, our family and our country. I can not tell you how proud I am to be your brother. And how proud we all are of you. We still have a lot of memories to share, and a lot of life to live. Be safe, and Make it home. In your Honor I will wear your #22 for the entire time you are away (hopefully my teammate will help me out on this request) just to show a little gratitude for fighting for my right to be free.........

Love your Brother,
Sean Saliva

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   Thank You! ------by Darren Saliva----December 27, 2002
I just want to thank everyone in the Fed League family for their support and kind words. Good luck to all the teams......ESPECIALLY THE STARS!! Lets make it back 2 back championships. I hope I'll be trading my Army greens for my baseball pants sooner than later, if not........c-ya later.
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    Safe Return ------by Dennis and Nancy Olmezer----December 24, 2002
              On behalf of my family, my teammates, and my fellow Americans,  Thank you for defending our right to be free. 
             We have the utmost respect, admiration, and concern for all service men and women that protect that right to feel safe from those who would prefer us to live in fear.
             Your individual contribution will make a difference.  Your family and close friends should be proud of you and your fellow soldiers.  As an aquaintance I feel pride and am anxious to tell others I know you.
             We are ALL in your debt.  Be safe, God speed to for your safe return.
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   Our prayers are with u darren ------by Francis Eckert (Tritons)----December 21, 2002
i wanna wish darren the best of luck and my prayers are with him. i want to say its very good to know that we are w/people that are gonna serve our contry. so darren my prayers are w/u so good luck.
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Big Kahuna replies on December 22, 2002: The spelling and grammar may be poor, but the sentiments expressed in the message above are right on. All our best, Darren. Return home safely.

    Thanks ------by Russ #20----November 15, 2002
To the Federal league, and the Tritons,
I have given much consideration to my decision, and I would like my teammates to know that I have decided to leave the Tritons.  I am walking away quietly, and wanted to thank everyone.  I have played in the federal league for the past 4 seasons, and am utterly disgusted with many things that have transpired within our dugout this season.  We were a very strong team, and I feel that we should definitely be a contender.  However, there are 2 different ideas of playing baseball that have been expressed.  A) We're out here to have fun, and B) we're out here to win.   We'll Wednesday nites outburst from our coach with the cursing and nonsense was absolutely unacceptable.  This was not the first time this season, but unfortunately I won't be around to see anymore.  I would like to say one thing, I made mistakes the other nite and for that I am sorry.  But I will not tolerate the BS anymore.  I have proven over the past few seasons that I have skills to be on that diamond, and never have posted blame on him for giving up games, and it was ridiculous.  I really can't tolerate having to haul ass from work in Miami, to get to a game and be used sparingly.  I would like to say that many people within the league know that I can play ball.  If I didn't have any skills, I wouldn't be on the diamond.  This is why it has been such a difficult decision for me, but after the season, I would like to figure out where I can play again.  To Jamie and Nicole, thanks for allowing me to be a part of the federal league.  To the rest of the Tritons, I wish you all the best for the rest of the season.
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    Baseball Etiquette 101 ------by Darren Saliva----November 8, 2002
It is not a surprise that Dennis would give the sign to steal or let his players steal when they have a commanding lead. He has done it before and I don't think he is going to stop. I think some of the real ball players on his team should school him on baseball etiquette.
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Dennis replies on November 9, 2002: Get The Facts Straight: hey pal, ask around, it was not my call. FYI

    Expansion Division ------by Matt #2----November 5, 2002
Is anyone else excited about seeing at least 3 or 4 teams fighting for the
division crown?
No to mention that there are still enough games left for a spoiler and
breakthrough performance.  The upcoming weeks will be exciting, and each
game played means a more than the next. 
Good luck to everyone, the challenges will be fun.
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    Best Wishes ------by Matt (00) Robertson----October 28, 2002
Special thanks to all of my Federal League friends & teammates!
I'm truly honored to have played for and against such a fine class of
The list of people I admire and appreciate would take more time than I am
able to express.
Thank you Jamie & Nicole!
All of my best.

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Fran replies on November 1, 2002: evwnthough i meet u last year u are a good person, and a fun teammate to have shared the field with. so good luck in whatever u do. from fran. also i have keeped ur legacy by wearing #00 if that's ok, cuz if you'd like it to be retired i'll be more than happy to do that for a good guy like you. so matt god bless you and best of luck to u.

    To all of the Sentries ------by Dave Gardner----October 27, 2002
Thanks for a wonderful game on Sunday. I have never had so much fun coaching third base, you guys all really put it out. Now I know why my coaches in high school and college used to smile so much every time I stole a base. Thanks for passing the thrill on.
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    Stay Hot ------by Chris D----October 25, 2002
Way to play Sentries, lets carry this momentum with us for the rest of the
season and make a good run, way to call up the Rally Monkey and overcome
that 8 run deficit

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    Scooby contact me ------by PVadala----October 14, 2002
Scooby I am having trouble getting in touch with you. Give me a call
A.S.A.P. if you lost my number I am sure Jamie could give it to you. Thanks,
Pat Vadala

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   Bump In The Road ------by tgreenbaum----October 10, 2002
I just wanted to say my peace...After a hearfelt victory last week, we came back down to earth and laid a big fat egg on Wednesday against the Beacons.... S... happens!  On the positive side, Teddy made an awesome assist to nail a guy at home, and Ray made some nice catches and nailed a double. We also had a few timely hits in the 3rd inning, but the rest was forgettable. With the players we have, we are capable of beating any team in the league on any given day...We've just got to play fundamental ball, which means covering each other's backs and getting our heads out of our asses!! ITS A TEAM EFFORT. We need to get ourselves back into gear and forget that one! The Tritons are better than that!  I'm bringing a challenge to the table. We will play .500 ball or better the rest of the season!!!  We didn't come out here to lay down for anyone. Let's all bring our "A" game on Sunday and get back to .500 and beyond...
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Pdiddy319 replies on October 15, 2002: Since you're playing the Stars, don't think that we're not going to bring it. The Stars have been there before and know how hard you have to play to make it and stay at .500, but we also know how hard it is to beat a team thats playing to stay in first place. Good luck to you guys on sunday and may the best team win!

    odds ------by Dennis----October 9, 2002
You taught me alot about odds!
The odds were stacked against the Sunsets last week VS the Stars.
We were short 6 playes and 5 of them starters, but the odds were wrong.

When it really matters, count on Sean Saliva-----Always a team player!
Norm,   well you gotta love the long ball.

Very nice to play the Stars with out the animosity. 
Niles , you threw a good game,  Brett on short rest u did as well.

And yes the Goliaths can hit!

Brett  Oct 20  see you then!!!!!!!!!

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Drewbacca72 replies on October 9, 2002: The Goliaths did hit the ball well, but the Sunsets beat themselves...to many errors and bad plays...It does happen to the best of us....We'll get 'em next time...Hopefully Coach O will give me the start...hint hint...haha!!!!...The Wookie....

     Not Suprising At All ------pdiddy319----October 8, 2002
It was not surprising that the Goliaths beat the Sunsets. They hit the ball better than some of the teams in the league. All they need is some pitching and they will be back to the same Goliaths I've known in the past. What is surprising is the grand slam hit by my good for nothing brother J/K. It is still too painful to talk about it. Watch out next game 'cause you might get one high and in. But all kidding aside good hit. Hopefully I won't have to wait another 8 years before I see you hit another homerun.Yes, your last and only HR (before this one) was 8 years ago, which by the way, was also a game winning grand slam. Wow......what a stat, 2 career homeruns, both were grand slams, and both were to win the ball game.
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    Billy Reinhart ------THill14----October 7, 2002
Billy was a big part of the superstars as a teammate and a friend. I hate to see  something like that happened to a great guy. I just want to wish Billy the best and I hope that he has a healthy recovery.  Your friend and Teammate,

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    retraction? ------by ScbMorgan35----October 6, 2002
As you told me in the past Jamie, always have your facts straight about what your writing.  I see by the article that you wrote about me, you don't.  If you wanted the story, why didn't you ask me about it. 
The reasons for me doing this is nobody's concern or business.  I asked for my release from the Superstars.  In your article, you said, " I was traded."  Not true.
Simon Walters, the Superstars manager, would not release me unless he had compenstation.  Jon Simon of the Sun Devils said no problem.  You had also said something about some of the players on the Superstars had friction with me.  Where did you get such an idea?  I've been in this league for years and this is the first time you wrote about any player and team problems.  So keep those ideas to yourself.
I hope there is a retraction on this note.  And next time please call me first about any issues as you might say.  Stick to your words.  Thanks, SCOOBY

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Big Kahuna replies on October 7, 2002: Fair enough. I should have been more thorough in checking on the "reports of friction" between you and any of your teammates and I should have called you. It was reported to me that such problems may have existed, but I did not confirm such reports and that was careless on my part.
However, you were traded. You acknowledge yourself that the Superstars asked for compensation and, since they received compensation, that, in effect constitutes a trade.
In the future I will try to do a better job of checking on my information before running such a story. Best of luck with your new team.

   Way to go Sean!!! ------Drewbacca72----October 6, 2002
I'm starting the Sean Saliva fan club.......Whos with me!!!!...Your the man!!!!!
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    Brett 29 replies on October 7, 2002Congrats Sean, it has been a long time coming but I never doubted your swing. It is a home run swing and you finally got a big one. I hope after last Thursday night you went straight to the batting cages, apparently you did....hahaa

   The Stars ------Darren Saliva #22----October 5, 2002
I like the poll question, but there is only one thing wrong! I can't vote for the Stars! What I mean is, the Stars are known to kick themselves in the rear on occasion so why not be able to vote for themselves. Just a little humor I learned this weekend at my reserve drill. Darren Saliva # 22
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   Thank You Ump ------Darren Saliva #22----October 2, 2002
I would like to take the time to thank the home plate umpire of the Beacons/Stars game on Tuesday night for his wonderful lesson on how not to mess with the umpires. I want to thank you for ejecting me from the game! You really taught me a lesson. Wow! If only I had learned to be more careful with the umpires back in Little League....maybe I wouldn't have been thrown out of the game. To my teammates I am sorry. Sorry for once again lashing out at the umpires the way that I always do, but don't worry, 'cause I'm going to my ARMY RESERVES drill this weekend for some hard core discipline..... which obviously I need. For the sake of myself and my teammates, in the worlds of Austin Powers, "I am spent."   Thank you.    Darren Saliva #22 
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    Congrats To Martell ------by eraskin----October 1, 2002
Well it only took a few games, but its clear that the Beacons have an MVP and Best Newcomer.  Just to think, he was pulled from the Tritons hands.  Nice going Martell. 
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    Untitled ------by Chris D----September 30, 2002
So is Drewbacca back now???  If so I am glad to hear you are feeling better,
and I'm looking forward to the challenge 

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Drewbacca72 replies on October 4, 2002Thanks for the concern...I'm feeling a hell of a lot better....Originally I was going to take the whole season off, but missed the game after only two weeks....The wookie .......

   Way to go Tritons ------by Wiso 22----September 29, 2002
I just wanted to say great game on Saturday.  We were down early but never gave up. Showed great attitude and got our first win.  If we keep it up, i am sure we can get to the post season.......... -22- 
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    Sentries winning? ------by AJ----September 27, 2002
Wow...only the third game of the season and the Sentries have already won a game...This could be a new fad....maybe it will happen more often? Thanks for making it possible Dennis.    And Stars watch out..especially you Darren...cause we're gonna get ya. 
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Brett replies on September 27, 2002Ease down there big boy, you guys better score a lot more runs next time. No more free passes for your asses! How many times did you fan anyway....   Well see you again soon - Brett 29
    A.J. replies on September 29, 2002I may have fanned twice....but i got 2 of the 4 hits..now what does that tell you?...Anyway..better luck next time

    (no subject) ------by Bill #3----September 22, 2002
Way to own your opponents Beacons. 2 wins down and a season to go, just maintain the strength and you will be hoisting up a trophy in January. KEEP KICKING A--. WISH I COULD BE THERE 
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    Beacons #4 replies on September 24, 2002: Hey, #3! You may be gone, but you are not forgotten.
    ClewSO replies on September 24, 2002: Hey Bill how's it going? Hope you are right about this season. You can follow
Hope all is good with you. #14

    sunday's  cancellation? ------by ScbMorgan35----September 22, 2002
WHAT IN THE WORLD HAPPENED?  PLEASE TELL ME AGAIN WHY THE GAME WAS RAINED OUT.  THE FIELD WAS PERFECT.  HERE'S THE STORY IF YOU WEREN'T THERE.  It was a cloudy morning, all the players were just showing up to the game around 9 o'clock.  The rain storm lasted about 7 minutes.  As the rain stops players were getting ready to play.  NO PUDDLES ON THE FIELD.  The Fort Lauderdale grounds crew had called the game because of the field conditions.  I went out on the field to check it out, and I thought it couldn't be better for a game.  So Jamie's wife comes over and nervously tells 100 people to go home, no game.  The look in everybody's face was, "what the f---"? 
     My question was, where is the commissioner of the league?  He has a job to do and was not there to perform it.  That's why we pay him 6 grand a year.  We the league deserve to know where you were?  And will the game be rescheduled?]
     Does this happen to any other teams in the league?  If so, explain?  Also Jamie, why haven't you commented about anything i said in the last post about the ejections of braves players?  Please Explain?


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Big Kahuna replies on September 23: Well, Scooby, I knew you would prefer to have this discussion on the Forum rather than calling me, so, here goes....
The game was called off by the grounds crew because, as they explained it to Nikki, it would take them over an hour to get the fields ready and they were unclear on how long they were allowed to keep us at the stadium on that particular day. This will not happen again in the future as I will be in contact with stadium management today to rectify this situation.
Secondarily, where I was is not your concern. The league was represented, as it is at all league games, unlike, perhaps, any other league in Florida. Nikki is perfectly capable of representing the league, but, she (and I wouldn't of been able to either) is in no position to overrule the stadium staff of the playability of their fields.
As far the game not being rescheduled...it already has. It is to be played on Saturday, October 12 at 9:30. Please consult the schedule page.
You are somewhat correct in your statement regarding some games that were not made up in the past. The correct number, however, is two. One, two seasons ago, was not made up because your team, when offered the make up date, declined. Another meaningless game this past season was not completed for two reasons. The first had to do with the league's accommodation of your team's tournament schedule when you played in the Wichita tournament. The second reason, related to the first, was our unwillingness to disrupt the playoff schedule. A line of reasoning that was agreed to by your manager. To bring it up now, after the fact, is incredibly unfair on your part and a distortion of the facts. You try to make it sound like we casually refused to make up the game when you know that is not true.
     As far as where the money goes for games such as these, again, your memory is failing you. The unfinished game from last season was against the Dodgers and had been started on June 11. You remember, it was the night game at PMS when I convinced the ballpark attendant to let us play when he wanted to send us home and then I labored to fix the field for you. Unfortunately the rains came in the second inning and suspended the game, but the umpires had to be paid, the baseballs were already used, and the field had to be paid for. That's where the money went. And, by the way, if the game had been important in the standings at the end of the season and needed to be played, the league would have incurred that additional expense, as is our responsibility.
     I still respect your right to voice your opinion or concerns, but it would serve both of us better if you had your facts straight before taking your misinformed stances in a public forum.
     Bigballer 426 replies on September 24, 2002:
Way to go big Kahuna.....You have a gift....The Force is strong in you. You have an intellectual(<----- dont know if i spelled that correctly) way of ripping someone a New One...Thats to funny. Apparently this young man does not understand buisness too much......

    one sided ------by ScbMorgan35----September 8, 2002
congratulations to the braves on another great winning series, but if you know who i am, i always have something to say.  i play hard and play to win.  no matter if i do piss players or coaches off.  it's a game.  as i see it the series was one sided. the braves side.  the playoffs were played at their home field.  it's a great field and all but why can't we play at pompano stadium?  also, why can't we switch dugouts each game?  i think i made some great points here.  do you agree?   and why can't we play at FAU all the time?  Does Morency have the rights to that field?  If i have rights to a field, can we and other teams play there.  again, it's one sided. 
     now to the umpires.  all of their calls in the champ series we right on except when it came down to the braves.  Augie was ejected from the game right.  why was he allowed back in the dugout?  I have never seen a player ejected and not asked to leave the field.  one sided.  after that happend the managers of the game were asked to meet with the umpires.  i listened in.  the umpires said, " NEXT PITCHER THAT INTENTIONALLY HIT A BATTER WAS TO BE THROW OUT ALONG WITH THE MANAGER."  Morency was never thrown out.  that was bush in my mind. 
     back to the Augie situation.  he's played the game alot longer than i have, and he knows how the game is played.  it wasn't that i disliked him, because i don't.  he was the guy up when the situation needed to be recogned with..    simon, our manager/player, was hit on the first pitch of the game.  i was just protectiong my coach and players.  sorry it happened. but i will always protect my players. 

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Big Kahuna replies on September 9: Well, Scooby, someone else can respond as well, but I think it only fair that I give the accurate answers to the questions you raised.
Games were played at FAU Stadium and not at Pompano because that was the best available field. Nobody on either team raised any objections before or during the series. I can't see how playing in a top notch ball park could be unfair for either team.
As far as playing at FAU all the time, yes, the Braves do have rights to that field. That acquired it for the league and the agreement we have with the school limits the number of games played there. If you were to acquire a suitable home field and the league was able to make an acceptable deal to play there, your team could also have its own home field.
As far as the dugout thing is concerned, it is the way it is. At Pompano Stadium, the Marlins are always going to be in the first base dugout. No one ever complains, nor should they. If you had you own home field, your team would enjoy such privileges.
I respect your abilities on the field and you've always been a gentleman when dealing with the league, but I think your ire in this case is somewhat misdirected.

    Tryouts for Fall Season ------by r1d----August 25, 2002
"Playball" Baseball Academy Marlins will be holding tryouts for the team in the upcoming season. Any player interested should contact the "Playball" offices. Tryouts will be each Saturday until the new season begins.
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    way to go Stars------by Fran----August 24, 2002
Congratulations to the Hollywood Stars.
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    Congrats To Stars------by Matt #2----August 23, 2002
Way to go Hollywood Stars, you deserve this championship.
Enjoy it for now, because many teams will be ready to de-throne you as the
Congrats to all for a well played series. See you all next season!

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    Congrates------by Drew----August 22, 2002
Hey congrates Stars well played series...
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    Hell Yeah!!!------by Darren Saliva----August 22, 2002
Congrats to my teammates for a job well done. I wish I could have been there to celebrate with you guys, but don't worry I did some celebrating of my own here in Lake Tahoe. Oh yeah, Dennis, what was it that you said about the odds being on your side, and that we had to beat you 3 out of 4 games after loosing 6 in a row to the Sunsets? Insinuating that we couldn't do it. I told you I didn't believe in odds, I don't think you should believe in them either. GO STARS!!! 2002 SPRING/SUMMER CHAMPIONS!!!! That has a nice ring to it, don't you think?
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    Congrats------by Sean Saliva----August 22, 2002
Congrats to the Hollywood Stars on there 2 Expansion Division Title. You guys played with fire, emotions and HEART. Great Series you guys deserve every bit of the Championship. Good Luck for the Up and Coming Season
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   From Brett 22------by Brett Hollander----August 21, 2002

To all Sunsets:
All of you guys better come out tonight ready to play baseball, it is what we did all year to get to this point, why stop now. Stop because we are finally playing a game that counts, no, I don't think so. We play all season so that we gel as a team and succeed to the next level, Champions. Get your head out of your a--, and play smart fundamental baseball and we'll win. Hit the ball and run it out, your hardest, not jogging or walking. Hustle, backup who you are supposed to backup, and be where you are supposed to be, all the time. We can't give up any runs for stupidity, only earned runs will be tolerated. Be there tonight ready to play, win, and move on to Thursday night......

Ichi is Itchin To Win
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    WE NEED TO STEP IT UP------by Sean Saliva----August 19, 2002
To all Sunsets,

We find ourselves 1 game away from not reaching our goal. Lets play ball
Tuesday night like we have played all season. We have not played like that in
a while. LETS TURN THE HEAT UP. Its not time for excuses, THE STARS ARE NO

STEP IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your Teammate

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First String Catcher replies on August 20: Sean Saliva is a team player
Little field time, fewer at bats than many, and still one of the first to arrive for a game.
Always  willing to help with the gear after a game.  Hats off to you Sean, all things considered I think you had a fine season and did your part to help the Sunsets to first place.
As for the series, well, we may be down a game but in NO means are we out.  The Stars have played good baseball, perhaps their best ever.  I like our chances, a little challenge and some drama never hurt anyone.  Go Sunsets!!!

    season------by Fran----August 12, 2002
thanx for the great season tritons and all the rest of the teams we played you all played great and also hard every game so thanx for the good year and am looking forward to the winter season, also good luck to the stars and sunsets. may the best team win. congratulations to both teams.thanx Fran
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    Thanks------by Dave Gardner, Margate Sentries----August 5, 2002
Just wanted to say to all the teams and and players thanks for a great season. I have enjoyed playing with and against all of you. Looking forward to the fall season.
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    (no subject)------by Chris D.----July 25, 2002
Is this trade between the Sentries and the Sunsets going to make the
expansion division more competitive????

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Observer replies on July 25: Obviously the Sentries manager feels that this trade will improve his ballclub over the long run. Only time will tell.

    can't do without....braves staff? ------by Scooby (Superstars)----July 16, 2002
What staff?  Mike Cimaluca (sp) did not start against the Superstars but he sure did end it.  But Morency, "Why did you not start him?"  You played 2 games is the last month and you told me it was Johnny Wholestaff day and you were afraid to lose when we had gotten to your starter.  Start your best.  You even pulled the starter when he had the lead in the 2nd inning.  Let the guy try.  I know your afraid to lose, but common.  If that was me and you started me in a big game like that.  I would definitely have a problem with your side of coaching by taking me out. 

ps.    Give Dean a tissue for me.  He cries on every call.  Sorry, but you do.

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Michael C. replies on July 17:
While you do bring up some good points Scooby, the gameplan was to throw 3-4
pitchers in the game.  Yes we have only played 2 games before Monday evening
in the last 37 days.  With 7 games in 15 days (which is the current stretch
we face) Bob did not want to use someone for an extended period of time in
order to keep everyone fresh.  The game dictated that he wanted me to stay in
and go as long as I could.  It was a matter of playing for today (monday)
since I am more than likely not going to be able to throw at all in tonight's
game.  It was a calculated gamble that worked for Monday.  On not starting,
always more important to be there in the end of the game then beginning, plus
being a fierce competitior like you are you think I was gonna come out of a
1-2 run game with first place on the line ?????  I know you wouldnt either.  
Good Luck and we'll see you guys on the 27th.

Greg replies on July 17:
Last time i checked, it is all about the End result.  However we got there is inconsequential to me and the rest of the team including management.

    Tues------by Skippy----July 14, 2002
Sentries won our first game. That's only the beginning of our win streak.
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    maybe------by First String Catcher----July 13, 2002
maybe a domed stadium is a good idea
with roughly 200 players  and a " ballpark " guess of  150 million to build it
that works out to be only 75,000 per player

lets start passing the hat


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Drewbacca (Fed Fan 4 Life) replies on July 15: Hey 75,000 noooo problem....got change of a million??? lol!!!!

    (no subject)------by CarShaBreTaw----June 23, 2002
Happy to be playing baseball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Virus------by Sean----June 5, 2002
To all federalleague.com visitors...
I have gotten a message several time once i enter the web site thats states
"Install on demand" Virtual Java Machine.....install now click ok.
I dont know if it was my computer or if it has happened to anyone else, never 
the less dont download it just hit cancel.......

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    Special Thanks to Tritons------by Matt Rosner----June 4, 2002
I did not get a chance to say thank you to the great team members of the
Tritons that helped me carry my brother off the field after that horrible
collision. Cory and I greatly appreciate all of your assistance and effort.

You are all a class act, and represent our baseball league to its finest. 
Thank you!

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    injured players------by Francis----June 3, 2002
i'd like to say the sunsets played a great game, they showed alot of heart, while three players got hurt, two serious and one with a twisted ankle. The Tritions are coming for the beacons. Look out the Tritions are on a roll. Drew and the sunsets are a good bunch of guys and they play hard. so hats off to the sunsets, coming back from down eight runs.
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Pat Vadala Replies on June 4: "Lighten up Francis"------ Sgt. Hulka "Stripes"

    Speedy recovery------by Brett Hollander----June 3, 2002
Just a note to wish Cory and Carlos a rapid recovery! It was an unfortunate occurrence, I'm sure everyone wishes the same to you guys. Anyway, great game to the Tritons, keep it up!
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    Finally......------by Bigballer426----June 3, 2002
Finally, Federalleague.com .........HAS COME BACK.......... online.........

i was going through withdrawls there for a minute...glad to see it up and 
running again..

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   how about them Superstars------by RMD115----May 24, 2002
how about them Superstars
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    Industrial Baseball League - Va./Md./D.C.------by Bob Schnebly----May 19, 2002

Just a note to say hello. I'm with the industrial Baseball League and we are 
always glad to find more Semi-pro Baseball out there. Take care. Good luck 
and keep playing baseball.

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    impressive------by Dennis----May 9, 2002
Way to go!
great game. Keith, your the man!
You guys were a little out of position , without last seasons batting champ 
and you beat us where you are most effective and dangerous, and we are most 
vulnerable, with two outs! 
( remember a team up 11 runs loose with two outs? ) Yipes
Great game behind the plate -- Bob you as well from the hill.

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    Good Game!!------by Drewbacca----May 7, 2002
Hey Beacons!!! Great game...Its always a pleasure to play you guys...We'll 
get ya next time!!

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    Bad Call?------by Dennis----May 6, 2002

Dont Jump into a hole by blaming the umps.
BOTH teams played with the tight zone.
BOTH teams had calls go there way at times.
BOTH teams were affected --- and as Big K pointed out it was not a very close 
Great job behind the plate.

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Darren Saliva Replies on May 8: Yes, I know it wasn't a close game! Thanks for pointing that out....... like 
I didn't notice! Yes, the sunsets got some key hits. Keys hits that came 
after a few bad calls. Anyway, I am tired of arguing about the umpires, i'll 
try not to say anything else about them for the rest of the season........ 
yeah, that might happen! Go Stars!

    (no subject)------by Matt Rosner----May 6, 2002
I agree with you Darren, it was completely uncalled for on my part to act
the way that I did. And for that, I apologize to Jaime (Nicole too), the
league, and the umpires. There really is no room for that type of act. My
As far as bad calls, we all realized from the 1st inning that the strike
zone would be tight. While some calls went right, others questionable too.
This much is true. The game got out of hand quickly. Good luck to you the
rest of the season.
By the way, great job behind the plate! I look forward to challenging you!

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    Bad MVP/Umpiring------by Darren Saliva----May 5, 2002
I don't know why you blew up the way you did on saturday, 
but it was uncalled for. You are the MVP of the league you should act like 
it. I am not saying you always behave the way you did on saturday, but that 
shouldn't have happened. Especially from you! Also, not to take anything away 
from the Sunsets, because you guys played a hell of a game, but the umpires 
blew a few key calls on a few key plays that could have made the outcome of 
the game a little different. Whether we would have won or lost, if the right 
calls were made things could have been different. anyway, there is no use on 
crying over spilled milk. So we'll see you guys next time.

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Big K's Answer:
Of course you think that the calls that went against your team were blown calls, but you know what? The umps get most of the calls right and the few that they miss almost never directly affect the outcome of the game. You surrendered 20 runs. I think you need to look elsewhere to assess blame.  

    wood bats expansion division------by DaBigAristottle----May 4, 2002
Will the expansion division ever go to a wood bat format?????
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Big K's Answer:
There are no immediate plans for the Expansion Division to go to a wood bat format, but only time will tell if such a change might be considered.

      This Season------by Fed Fan----May 2, 2002
The Dodgers and Superstars in 1st place?! Things are getting pretty interesting in the wood bat division.
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     The Nerve------by Pdiddy319----April 22, 2002
I can't believe the Sentries tried to steal third base on me. Shame on them! 
LOL. A.J., I know you were happy to see me leave early.

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    (no subject)------by DaBigAristottle----April 22, 2002
The Seasons Here...........YESSSSSSS
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     Opening Day------by Big Kahuna----April 20, 2002
I want to take this opportunity to wish each and every Federal Leaguer a successful and fulfilling season. Best of luck to all. Play Ball!
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     Re: Schedule------by Big K.----April 14, 2002
The new schedule will be released no later than Tuesday morning. We have been working out the details with the facility managers, but the schedule is complete. Thanks to everyone for your patience.
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    Opening Game------by Dennis----April 13, 2002
We open Tuesday April 23 at Pompano 
Game time 7 pm
Show time 6 pm
call me for other details
Team meeting Sunday 3 pm @ Sharkeys in Coral Springs
Royal Palm and University 

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    Schedule------by Drew----April 13, 2002
Hey big k...have you come up with the new schedule??? If so how can we take a look???
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    Re: Season------by Big K.----April 13, 2002
Opening Day is April 21 and this is the Forum.
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    Season------by Sean Saliva----April 12, 2002
Does anyone know when the season is supposed to start? What happened to the Forum?
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    New Forum------by Fed 4 Life----April 12, 2002
I think I miss the lunacy and stupidity of the old forum. But, I was never the subject of any of those "interesting" posts, so what do I know?
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    New Format...------by Blazer----April 11, 2002
Aaaah, Big K. Eliminating anonymity, are we?
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    New Forum------by Fed Player----April 11, 2002
 I think the new format is a great idea. Once it catches on it will be a big hit. I'm looking forward to seeing what others think.
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    Forum Rules------by Big K.----April 9, 2002
Welcome to the new Fans' Forum. All visitors may leave comments by clicking above. Please refrain from using obscenities while posting. Enjoy!
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